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“Education should be one of our top funding priorities; talking about it does not help the teachers and students who desperately need promises fulfilled” – Solomon Ortiz

Passnownow Scholarship Fund

This 2018, according to UNESCO Institute of Statistics, 263 Million Children and Youths between the ages of 1 – 17years do not have access to education. This is largely as a result of economic hindrances.

For Nigerian children, many of whom are bright, brilliant and promising but end up as street hawkers, domestic servants, sex workers, touts, criminals and whatnot because their parents and guardians are unable to pay their school fees, buy uniforms, school sandals, school bags, textbooks and other necessary school items for them, we have set up the Passnownow Scholarship Fund, an online crowdfunding platform that’s leveraging tech innovation to raise money to help deprived children acquire education by all legitimate means.

Scholarship.passnownow.com avails separately privileged Nigerian pupils/students all the way from Primary school to University or Polytechnic Level the opportunities to share their stories using text, images and videos to appeal for funding support from donors and sponsors. After the information they and their parents provided have been verified and confirmed by members of our compliance team, based on acceptable standards, they will receive the financial help they require.


We operate 2 major tracks that guide our funding decisions. The first is the needs track which has us supporting students who receive financial support from the PSF simply as a result of the fact that without this financial backing, their chances of schooling are at risk or their progress may be compromised given their poor circumstances — the second, the merit which prioritizes certain students with high aptitude for learning and excelling based on their previous academic performances yet their education may be truncated as a result of lack of funds.

Scholarship.passnownow.com allows volunteer donors to donate through the direct funding or pool funding methods. The Direct Fund is for students who share their personal stories and solicit funds on Passnownow.com in order to continue their education, while the Pool Fund is a general fund that donors can keep contributing to which we will keep disbursing all year round to indigent students around Nigeria on an as-is basis. The pool fund will be managed by Passnownow.com and disbursed to underprivileged students who meet our stated criteria.


We maintain strong transparency, accountability, monitoring and evaluation measures to ensure that it is only students in need that we actually use your donations to support and sponsor. On a bi-monthly basis, we will collate data and publish results on our activities making them accessible to the public online, real-time.

We will also often request and record testimonials from the students to encourage you that your N10 or N1000, N1 000 000 is transforming the academic fortune of some child in a corner of Nigeria.

Please donate, tell your family and friends about this and feel free to ask us questions at any point when you feel the need to. We are especially counting on Nigerians in the Diaspora to chip in and spread the word within their networks.

Minimum Donation is N500 and there is no maximum amount you can donate. You can also sign up to make a standing order or automatic recurring payments from your Account to the Passnownow Scholarship Fund daily, weekly or monthly.

Average is a Failing Formula. Let’s help get the next generation of Nigerians to excellent, and maybe even genius.

Thank You very much and Best Regards,

The Passnownow.com Team

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